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November 26, 2013


Dean Jacobs

Thank you for all the great replies to my blog post!
Have a great Thanksgiving holiday!


I liked how you were offered toucan and you ate stingray tail Very Exotic!!

Jose R

How big are the waterfalls in the Amazon.


we finally watched the Skype session and thanks for the information i wish i could have been there to witness it!!


i liked the vine


i liked the answer. i would to see the monkey the size of your fist.


i wasn't there to see the Skype session but i'I've heard from a girl named myia if you remember talking to her i would love to write letters to you but i know your super busy. i remember when you came to keen memorial library in Fremont and i got to meet you. your pictures were amazing and i love your work!


I likede the tarantula fact.
I would like th see one of their tribes.

Hannah Bates

i wonder what the sting ray tail tasted like.

Ryan Acuna

I liked how you answered all the questions and how you told some stories
that followed the questions.
I would like to see the trees and animals and some
of the people.

Jovany :3

I like ho we got to ask YOU questions I leaned things and I bet other people leaned lots I also liked that you where funny Dean Jacobs, Now I what to go places. Ma-Ka-Te aka bye Dean Jacobs P.S. There were cool pictures.


you are awesome Mr. Jacobs it is cool that you get to go to many places in south america i want to go to south America to because it sounds cool i hope your having fun good luck.


It's interesting that they keep rhino beetles as pets.


The Rhino beetle as a pet, I love to come their one day but i wanted to ask if he would go to Australia

Virginia Alexa uriostigue

The Skype was really cool I got a lot of information on the achuar maca-te "thank you"


I like how you told story's after every question the stories are so cool i would love to be there with you.
I would like to see all the stuff you do it is so cool.
I hope you have fun on the on the rest of your trip.
Thanks for talking with us!

Kevin Castro

I like that we were able to connect with you. I would like to see a monkey.

penelope hartgrave

I like how you gave us information about stuff and now i would like to go there.
I would like to see south America because I would like to learn about different cultures.

conner knoell

I liked how u answered all of our questions.
I would of liked if u told us more about the Achuar tribe.


I liked is we got top learn about the people and there culture.
I would like to see the people and animals.

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