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January 22, 2013



Dear Dean Jacobs,
I am in 4th grad at Highland Elementary. I am in the after school class learning about the Achuar
people and animals in the rain forest. You went to Quito. How did you get there? The Achuar children know the thumbs up sign. Did you teach them? What kind of animals do they have as pets? Have you hunted in the rain forest? The indigenous people use slash and burn farming. They farm for two seasons and then move on.Tapers have not changed for 20,000,000 years. Did the Achuar children have pet tapers? Did you know that tapers use there noses as snorkels? Have you seen any social spiders? They make one of the bigest webs in the world. They are 50 times smaller than their prey. Have you seen any kinkachews? Was it an adult or baby?
Your friend,

Ana Pacheco

Dean, so beautiful! Love, Ana

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