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February 24, 2012



Hi Karly and Sam,

Thank you for the post on my blog!

Yes, I am still traveling. Today I am in New Mexico, yesterday I was presenting in a elementary school here.

I love exploring the world, both abroad and in the USA!

Squirrel monkeys have finger nails, just like you and me! No they weren't sharp, thankfully! It was fun to have such a close encounter with squirrel monkeys!

Would you like to have monkeys climb on you one day?


Karly Sokolowski

Dear Mr.Jacobs,

I am a fourth grade student at Highland Elementary in Centennial, Colorado. My brother and I were wondering why you were traveling around the world and do you still enjoy it? I have also been wondering how it would feel to be crowded by squirrel monkeys? Do they have sharp claws?

Thanks for coming to our school and we hope you have a happy day.

Karly and Sam


Incoming calls can either be answered by pressing and releasing the center button or declined.

abercrombie fitch

Actualmente estoy en Brasil en este momento, y se pasa muy cerca del ecuador de la próxima semana. He leído que va a ser muy caliente y húmedo, pero todavía tengo que esperar para conocer de primera mano.
Amo a todos mis viajes que me encanta vivir mi vida con lo mejor de mis habilidades!
Sí, yo nadamos con los delfines, una vez en las Islas Galápagos de Ecuador. ¿Te gustaría nadar con delfines? El animal más exótico que he visto hasta ahora en este viaje con probablemente la serpiente anaconda en el Perú!

Dean Jacobs

Hi Katie, Emily, AJ and Caleb,

Thank you for the post on my blog.

Pandas are pretty cute, don’t you think? No all pandas are not the same color, because there are different kinds of pandas! One type is the red panda, which is much smaller.

Would you like to see a panda one day?

Emily, Katie,Caleb,and Aj

Dear Mr.Jacobs,

We are third graders from Highland Elementary. We are learning about animals and their habitats around the world.Pandas have an extra thumb so they can eat bamboo even though they have a carnivore stomach.Are all pandas the same color?

Thank you for bloging with us!!!!

Your friends,
Katie,Emily,Aj,and Caleb:):0

Katherine Tucker

Hi Mr. Jacobs,
You said the dophins are shy, but you have 4 at your boat at one time - how did you get them all to come to you? Do you know why they are pink? Did you feed them? I am wondering what your next adventure will be.

(Mrs. Datino's 1st grade class)

Dean Jacobs

Hi Mrs. Yabrove’s class, again! ☺
Thanks for your questions! A pink river dolphin is the only dolphin I have ever touched. I have swum with dolphins once in the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador. I didn’t swim with the river dolphins though. The pink dolphins only live in the Amazon rain basin of South America, not in the ocean.
Yes, I have seen some snakes on my journey; I’ve even had the chance to hold three of them. Would you like to hold a big snake?
I’ve seen lots of bats, but have no idea what kind they were; it’s really hard to identify bats.
Birds are really cool in the Amazon, I’ve seen McCaw’s, Egrets, eagles, humming birds and vultures to name a few. ☺
Thanks for sharing this journey with me!


Dean Jacobs

Hi Ms. Tharp’s Class!

Thank you for the posting on my blog, it is always fun to hear from my friends at Highland Elementary!

Yes, I went into the ghost town and looked around for about 15 minutes, but I didn’t see any ghosts, just llamas.
It was really quiet in the town; the only sound was the wind blowing through the town.
I have seen a Blue McCaw on this trip, it was very beautiful bird! The pink river dolphins were really cute and very smart.
Yes, it has been windy at times in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil, mostly when I have been on a boat in the middle of the river and a rainstorm is approaching.
I saw a sloth in the rainforest of Peru, he moved very slow as he climbed the tree!
It is great to share this fun journey with you! Would you like to explore the Amazon one day?


Dean Jacobs

Hi Abbey,

Thank you for the post on my blog and all the great questions.
I am currently in Brazil right now, and will be passing very near the equator next week. I read it will be very hot and humid, but I still have to wait to learn first hand.
I love all my journeys as I love living my life to the best of my abilities!
Yes, I swam with dolphins once in the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador. Would you like to swim with dolphins? The most exotic animal I have seen so far on this trip with probably be the anaconda snake in Peru!
Next I will go to southern Brazil to see a national park called the Pantanal. At the end of April I will return to Nebraska.



Dear Mr. Jacobs
I am a third grader from Highland Elementary. I am in Mrs.Yabroves class. I have a few questions. When you where in brazil, on the equator, was it really hot??? What has been your favorite journey so far in life? Those pink dolphins are soooo cute!!! Have you ever been swimming with other dolphins?

What has been the most exotic animal so far?? Do you have any ideas on where your going next?

Ms. Tharp's Class

Dear Mr. Jacobs,
We are first graders in Ms. Tharp's class. We have been learning about you and your trip through the Amazon Rain Forest in Brazil. We know you are following the Amazon River. We found out that there is a deserted ghost town near the start of the river. Did you go into the ghost town? Was is spooky, old and rickety? Did you see any ghosts?
We noticed that you saw a toucan. Did you also see a blue macaw? We also noticed that you got to see pink dolphins. What were they like?
Did you see any other interesting animals?
We learned it was windy at the top of the mountains where the Amazon River starts. Was is also windy in the rain forest in Brazil?
Thank you for teaching so much about the Amazon!
Good luck on your journey.
Your friends,
Ms. Tharp's Class

Mrs. Yabrove's class

Dear Mr. Jacobs,
This is Mrs. Yabrove's third grade class again! Thank you for answering our last note to you and answering all of our questions.
We learned from this blog that the pink river dolphin is in danger because people are killing them for fish bait. We think these dolphins are really cute. Have you ever touched any other type of dolphin? Did you actually swim with these dolphins? Do these pink river dolpins only live in the river or do some live in the ocean?

Have you seen any snakes while you've been in Brazil? Have you ever seen a Yoda bat? What types of birds have you seen?

We are very excited to skype with you in a few weeks! Do you think you could show us any animals while we skype with you?

Your friends,
Mrs. Yabrove's Third Graders

Dean Jacobs

HI Elizabeth,

Thank you for your posting on my blog and good questions.

The dolphins did not bite me, I guess they don't like to eat guys from Nebraska. I do know they like to eat fish. The dolphins I saw were friendly, generally they are shy and swim away when they hear or see people.

Would you like to see river dolphins one day?

It is great to share this journey with you!
Dean Jacobs

Dean Jacobs

Hi Mrs. Datino’s class!

Thank you for posting on my blog, it is always great to hear from my friends at Highland Elementary!
The vascacha eats grass and what ever small plants it can find in the high mountains of the Andes. It was really fun to drink the water from the birthplace of the Amazon; it tasted very fresh and clean.
I saw red-bellied piranhas and white piranhas. I got no piranha bites when I swam with them. Would you like to swim with piranhas one day?
There are no beavers in South America; they only live in North America. I saw lots of birds, iguanas, monkeys and even some sloths!
Yes, I know that lake and have visited it in the past; it is called Lake Titicaca, which means gray puma.
Would you like to explore South America one day?

Great to have you along on this adventure with me!
Dean Jacobs

Elizabeth Schell

Dear Mr. Jacobs,

I noticed that the pink dolphins have lots of teeth. Did they bite you? Are they friendly? What do they like to eat?

Thank you very much for sharing your experience(s) with me!

(Mrs. Datino's 1st Grade Class)

Mrs. Datino's Class

Dear Mr. Jacobs,

We are first graders in Mrs. Datino's class. We are learning about the Amazon river. There are different kinds of bunnies near the Amazon river. We saw your picture of a vascacha in the mountains of Peru.
What does it eat? We also saw you drink the water at the start of the Amazon. Was it good?
We know you swam with the piranhas. What kind of piranha's did you see? Did they almost bite you? While you were swimming in the river, did you see a beaver? What other kinds of animals did you see?

When we looked at the map of South America we saw a big lake in the mountains near or in Peru. Do you know what lake that is?

Thank you for sharing the video with us and for answering our questions.
Your friends,
Mrs. Datino's Class

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