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June 24, 2011


Darren Lanphere

Who took those pictures? It looks so alive and very breathtaking indeed! Blue skies, green fields, everything is pleasing to the eyes. This is a testament to the beauty of nature and this makes waking up every morning superb!

Darren Lanphere

These pictures define how majestic nature is. I would love to live in this kind of environment! What is good about farm and ranch living is you get to appreciate life at its simplest form. Being close to nature would also render you calmer and more relaxed.

Rodger Ciliberto

A wonderful picture of daily life, don't you think? You see clouds a lot like that regularly, but you don't notice how grand it is until to face it with so much nature around you. It's a beautiful ranch, and it's so fortunate that you seemingly have so much material for photos.

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