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September 05, 2010


Dean Jacobs

Thanks Josh and Doris,
Your kind words are appreciated! Please share this with your cyber world friends, via Facebook or Twitter. The more views the better!
Also, please let me know which are your favorite photos and why.

Josh Erlandson

Amazing pictures! Got linked her from huskermax, but i'll be sure to check back often. In the picture of all the guys painted in black, you can see my face on the very far left! haha...yes, this is the only place we are able to paint like this and have it seem relatively "normal." I'll be in that front row painted every game, so i'll try my best to say hi when you walk past! Keep up the great work! GBR

Doris Dederman - Norfolk, NE

Great pictures Dean. I was at that game with my youngest son Sam. I was wondering if you were there but too hard to see who is behind all those cameras. I envy you being down on the field, always has been a dream of mine. Maybe in my next life, ha! Will be at more games so will have to look you up.

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