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September 13, 2010


Doris Dederman - Norfolk, NE

Dean you amaze me. Thanks for the updated pictures, they are again great. Have fun in Washington if you get to travel there. Cheer hard and bring home a win.

Josh Erlandson

As a good high school friend of Nate Enderle...i enjoy the picture of Lavonte giving him a Big Red Welcome haha...

But the picture of Tyrone Fahie is the most powerful, and most inspiring because of the story behind it. Not many people know who Fahie is, or what his story is, and I wish that would change. HuskerNation should be honored to have him here; even if he doesn't contribute much on the field, he is such a HUGE contribution off.

Great pictures once again! GBR

Andrew Jardine

Hey Dean :)

I love them all, but lil red checks out the cheer leaders is a real class bit of photo reportage lol The expression of Martinez in NU15s as he pops by is awesome!! And how about Roy Helu nickname being 'Goodbye'? as in, Helu, Goodbye, get it ;)

You really have a talent for sports photography mate - really feel the action and the story of the day..

If I didn't love you and your work, I'd be very envious :)))

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