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April 24, 2010


Dean Jacobs

Greetings 4th grade Highland students from Mrs. Guthrie and Mrs. Hon’s classes!

Thank you for the post on my blog and your great questions. The school does not provide the uniforms for the students; the families must buy them.
In Rwanda they also speak: Kinyarwanda and French.
Most of the textbooks I saw were in English. Yes, they learn how to do math, it’s an important skill to have, especially when you are bargaining for your food at the market.
The students walk home for their lunch or they skip lunch, there is no school cafeteria or kitchen. Can you imagine going to school all day and skipping lunch?

Have a great summer!


Highland 4th graders

Dear Mr. Jacobs,

We are 4th grade students from Highland Elementary, Littleton, CO. We just read your article about the Bisate School, and we also watched a podcast about it. We learned that the students shave their heads. We think it's because of lice. We also learned that the students wore uniforms that were blue for girls and tan for boys. Did the school provide those clothes for them? Do the children there speak a different language other than English? Also, are their textbooks written in a different language? Do they learn how to do math? Do they have grades like we do? We noticed that the students sit on benches in some of the classrooms. We're wondering where they eat their lunch.

We really liked the videos we have watching through your website. Thanks so much for putting them on your website. We especially liked the thunderstorm in Nebraska. The photos were vivid and the sound was amazing!

Your friends,

Mrs. Guthrie and Mrs. Hon's 4th grade class

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