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December 08, 2009


rachel richards

hi you are awsome i hope you decide to come agein soon i think you are nice and i think that as a honor becuse i dont realy think anyone is nice becuse im a target for bulies but thats not your problem its mine so i loved the whole presintation but my favorite part was the cute little lizerd onthe wall
your friend
rachel richards

Zachary Papstein

Dear Dean Jacups


Austin Perez

Dear Dean Jacob,
Your show was aosome today it really spoke to me about dreams and happieness thank you Dean Jacob.

From: Austin

Hunter Maslonka

afternoon mate.

I thought your wondrous journey speach was out standing exspecily when you told how you helped save the goriallas!!! You inspire all my dreams to help save the poler bears from extinction!

I also enjoyed the story how pepole called you jesus becouse of your beard. YOU ROCK DEAN JACOBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUNTER MASLONKA 7C

marisa kuhr

dear Dean Jacobs,
Thank you so much for coming to tell us about your trips around the world. I loved the picturs of the people and the animals.It is amazing how different we are to other people in diffirent countreys. Have fun on your next trip.

Zach Matthies

Dear Dean,

You rock! I want to show my little brother. He will love to see where you go. I loved the presintation! I enjoyed when you showed us the knives. I also liked it when you showed us the robes from mount everest.

trenton dowty

trenton dowty like the cat on the pic you are a cool guy have fun.

Madison Siemek

You are AMAZING Dean!!! I love your presintations,they are really, really, really awesome. Your presintation was awesome last year, it was awesome. I hope I get to see you again next year. Some of your trips look fun to go to. I wish I could go to some of the places you visited. If I could go ANYWHERE I would go to China or Hawaii they sound fun to go to. I liked a lot of stuff that you talked about. Have fun on your next trip.

cj griffin 7c

i liked your slide show

Austin Perez

Dear Dean jacob,
I known you have traveled all over the world. But what would you do to help kids if they needed help and what would you do to make someone smile?
Well I hope you can help the gorilas.

From: Austin

Krysta Garhart

You are amazing!!!I love how you care about gorillas.Your trips look fun. I wish i can go to some of then.Your presintations are great!I love panda bears but my sister said that like all aminals.I would like to go to China or Hawaii. I like everything in the presintation.Have fun on your next trip.

brian fielder

brian fielder. have you got attackedby a animal

Edgar mercado

Dear Dean Jacobs
i known you have traveled all over world and thats so awesome that you followed your dream. And you meet different animals and i like the picture of the gorilas and its sad how theres only 7 in the world i hope one day that everyone in the world can help all of those indangered animals.

From: Edgar

Amanda Stolley

Dude you rock wonder if youve been to all the places in the world.


Zachary Papstein

you shoud always fallow your dreams if you want it to be acomplish. Stuff that you do will eren you good. Good does good. And by the way I liked the grilla picturs that you showed us to day I liked the baby garillas.

sadeo yates

dear dean,
whats your most thing you like going around the world?
and im on team c7 well you now that my brother kevin he stells as the knives its sooo cool zarke is getting so happy for the 25.
Oh and whats the most scarest thing you have seen???

hope to see you soon sadeo :D

Izzy Valdez

Mr. Jacobs,
I thought your presentation was awesome. I really do enjoy listening to your stories. I have alot of questions. But my main one is how did you get through the planes and with the security with your knives. And when you went to any country did they have bare feet? What i liked about your presentation is when you took pictures. I think pictures can explain more and things like that. I would like to see more of your pictures.


Logan Muff

you were cool! i like the kola bear because kola bear are my favortie anmail and i am on team 7C
have you ever been to the grand canyon


Christian Shipley 7c

Thats very cool.

Amanda Stolley

dude you rock i wonder if you been to las vegaus cause thats were my grandma lives on my moms side and im on teame 7C


Guy Whitman

Good afternoon Dean,

The Wondrous Journey presentation today was yet another exceptional learning opportunity for our student body at FMS. My fellow Social Studies teachers and I are eternally grateful for your willingness to share your life experiences with us each year. I especially enjoy listening to my students dream aloud immediately after your presentations and below were some of the most memorable statements I overheard today:
--That Dean guy is AWESOME! If he can grow up in Fremont and do all that then nothing will stop me now!
--It is so cool that people from all over the world are so alike. I always thought we were totally different.
--WOW! Now that is why we need to go to school. So we can have chances to do things like Dean did with his life.
--Mr. Jacobs ROCKS! He didn't let anything stop him. I especially liked the story of him seeing Mt. Everest in the clouds. How cool!

Thanks so much Dean (for sharing your life experiences with my students - and also for sharing your unique ability to recognize the eternal human spirit - something school curriculum cannot adequately demonstrate).

Take care!
Mr. Whitman

Nathan Eckhart

Dean Jacobs,
Your presentation was awesome! I will follow your steps as I'm still young and you're older. I feel that I'm very inspired of your possibilities of traveling around the world. I'm very pleased about your pictures!

Bertha Gomez:]

Dear Dean Jacobs,
Wow!! you very are amazing to hear. you have really accomplished things and have traveled quite alot. i want to thank you for coming and present many things I yet did not know. You have really inspired me to travel around the world because then I can see how wonderful the world is. I never knew that people are so kind and they treat you like you're are apart of their family. I have really enjoyed your presentation and i hope to hear from you very soon again. I would love to hear more about you're enjoyable adventures. once again thank you for coming we all appreciated it alot (Fremont Middle School)

Sam Hoshor

Dear Mr. Jacobs,
Thank you for coming to our school and giving that presentation. I thought it was interesting learning about other cultures and places. I also thought the pictures were really cool. I really thought it was cool seeing the souvenirs you brought from the other countries you went to.

Thanks again,
Sam Hoshor

kalli schroeder

I really enjoyed your presentation today. I was amazed by the way you got around these islands and also i was surprised how little money you were able to spend a day. My favorite part was when you were talking about the kindness of people in other countrys. It is true that the news only talks about the bad things in the world which is why most people do fear the world outside our own.

Thomas Long

Dear Mr. Jacobs,
Thank you for taking the time to come to our school. I think it would be really cool to travel all around the world and visit other countries. It would be fun to see how other people live. I think it would be hard to be away from family and friends for so long.

Thanks again,

Cesar Guzman Linares

Dean Jacobs,
Your show was awesome today!I found it pretty inspiring if you ask me.you showed us you can do anything no matter where we come from, just like you did.Plus the photos pretty cool, and I think your cool too.

Maddie Brown

Dear Dean Jacobs,
Thank you for that inspiring speech about where you have been and the palces that you have traveled to. You really explained things well, I understood what you said. Thanks for coming to the Fremont Middle School. Your slide show had a lot of cool pictures, and was well put together.

Tyler Morton

You are wonderful, thank you for taking your time to come and tells about your journeys through the world it sound fun! You have taught me that if you have a big dream you can make it happen. I really enjoy listening to speak, and yhis is not the frist I have ever heard you speak. At Grant intersesion you came also to speak. Grant was a coll school. I dream big now becuse i've seen someone acully fulfill your dream.

P.s. How did you get your knives through securety at the airport. please e-mail me back at jd5morton@msn.com and keep me updated on your trips please(if you have time)

Paxton Johnson

My Name Is Paxton and I just love your enthueasm about coming out to my school to share your journy with us. I really felt like I was there taking the journy with you as you experence life in a new and fancanating way I really hope I can learn to live and enjoy life like you. I will never forget the talk you shared with me and my classmates on how to remember that it doesn't matter how different we look we are all people on this planet we call Earth we are all brothers and sisters no matter if we have black skin or white, brown hair or blond. we need to respect each other.
Thanks Again,

Shiloh Halladay

Dear Mr. Jacobs,

Thank you so much for presenting to our team. I really appreciated hearing what you had to say about the world and about your travels and journies. What really struck me in your presentation is that you told us so much about how other people live. You've inspired me to follow my dreams. If it weren't for you, I would've given up on my dreams thinking that it would never come true. Once again, thank you for presenting.

~Shiloh Halladay

Sage Porter

Hey Dean,
I just want to say that you are truly inspiring!! And that i feel like after today that i can achieve anything that i will just put my mind to!!

Thanks for coming,
Sage :)

Jasmine Hanson

Dear Dean.

I love it when you show us all of those photos and talk about them. This was my third and yet I never get bored.Thank you for taking time from your schedule to talk with us.


Ashley Leedom

Dear Mr. Jacobs,

This was quite an experience. I really appreciate you coming in to talk with us. The part that shocked me the most is that you were able to make that money last so long! How were you able to do it? I know you said something about $10 a day, but to me that seems impossible!!! Maybe it's just because I like spending money. Oh well, Thank you again!!! Good luck on your travels!

Amayrany Garcia

Hola Dean Jocbs
My name is Amayrany Garcia i really enjoy you coming to our school.I wish i could travel around the world like you do. I wish i could go to Afica and see all the wonderful things that i haven't seen i want to see it is in the wilderness. See animal i never saw befor. i wish i could get one of those posters of yours i will hang it in my room
Good Bye !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emma Pacheco

Mr. Jacobs, thank you for taking your time and telling us all about your trip. If this was your first one that was really amazing then I IMAGINE how your other ones are. I really do want to go around the world. Hopefully one day I will be doing this. One of many things that amazes me is photography that is one of the reasons I want to do this. I guess I was also curious about the relection in the camera too. I really want to see the Mystry Lane. The knife that you let me smell, wasn't all that bad.
Although I did see something little clumpy things one there. Well Thanks for coming and have a SAFE trip next time you go. (: -♥emmapacheco..

Matthew Soe

dear Dean Jacobs
You realy enspired to dream biger than I ever have and I want to becom a lawyer in sidney

Chaz Webb

I also watched your dian fossey project video it was good. But i couldent hear it that well.

savanna reiger

hello! you have inspired me to follow my dreams! :) thanks friend!

Rachel Voss

I really thought it was cool that you like India and you want to go back. I am a fan of India's culture myself, and want to visit. You have inspired me to live out my dreams. I also want to learn more about Egypt, and I thought it was so awsome that you got to lay in the sarcophagus. I'm jelous! =)(= =P

Emily Neill

I totally loved when you talkd about following your dreams.I loved all your pictures of New Zeland, India, China, Egypt. When you said you drove through Russia I about died. I have always wanted to go to Russia and just see what it would be like. I really admire you for achiving your dreams and seeing the world.

Cortney Cooper

Dear Dean Jacobs,
You are amazing. The things you do for other people I am glad that you had came to my school and took your time to tell us about the places that you had went. I would like to do the things that you do and i think it would be cool to go around the world. I cant wait to see all of the other pictures on your wedsite. You are AMAZING that is cool wat you do for other people.:)
Cortney Cooper

Zach Cram

I liked the hole presentation. It made me want to be just like you when you grow up. After the presentation it made me think about what we can do for people in other countrys. I want to go around about the world and see amazing animals and places.

Juan C. Escobar

Dear Dean Jacobs,
My dream is to be a general biologist just like you. You inspire me every day of my life. I want to go out there and see before my eyes the world I wish to seek. I've wanted to be a biologist since the 4th grade. I really hope I see you again. I hope my dream comes true just like you.
Your friend,
Juan C. Escobar

kirsten taylor

you are amazing dean! i love your presintations every time you come. i cant wait to see you next year if we get to next year! i love the spider monkey picture ! i love spidermonkeys even though i didnt know they exsisted! you inspire my every dreams. now i know all my dreams will come true! thanks so much

Jada Jones

Hello, this is Jada Jones. :D Dean Jacobs, I have always wanted to travel the world. I loved the presontation. :D
Love Jada Jones.
Fremont Middle School.

Morgan Allender

I love your story about China i have always wanted to go there. i would love to travel the world and go to different places but if i am not able to i would love to go to at least China. I love to take photos so i want to be a photographer some day. You keep on traveling the world and take a bunch of photos.

Kylie Dahlhauser

SPIDER MONKEYS!!! I really enjoyed when you were talking about Africa: ONE BECAUSE I REALLY LOVE SPIDER MONKEYS AND OTHER ANIMALS. TWO BECAUSE YOU REALLY INPRESSED ME WITH YOUR PICTURES...When you explained where you went and what you saw, it really made me feel like i was there as well. When you started this presentation I thought it was going to be very boring, but as i was listening i realized you were trying to explain that if you have a dream, don't be afraid to go after it. You really inspired me to explore, and go for things and never give up!! Thanks for your inspiring speech!

Alishia Nordman

I was amazed with your stories of your jounries, i wish i could somthing like that but be a photographer. I never really thought a dream like that could be achieved until i saw and heard your presation. I really liked the part about how the people no matter what size, what color, what age, and how never let the fear stop you from playing the game.

Chaz Webb

I liked how when you said that walt disney could not recreate what you saw with all the animals on the horizen.


Thanks for the speech about all the places you have been.Now i believe that all my dreams can true. I liked when you told about the animals and generous people in different countries.Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.Thanks Shelby Kohnekamp

Autumn Vaccaro

You where amazing! i never thought that any dream could come true. I have a big dream and i thought it woudnt come true, but when you came, i can believe in myself and achieve it. It was very interesting to listen about all the places you whent to, the sights that you saw, the food that you ate, and the sounds that you heard. It would be cool to travel to the places you went to. Thanks for sharing your amazingly Spectacular experiences with us. Thanks again. you rock. -AUTUMN VACCARO 7C

Jazmin Morales

Jazmin Morales
Team 7C
Poster Contest

I really enjoyed when you talked about Africa because my dream is to go there and bring them supplies and things they need. I would love to travel around the world, but just incase I can't then I would at least like to go to Africa. I admire you alot. Thank you for coming to our school and taking your time to tell us all these wonderful things. :)


The cardinal photo is especially wonderful! :))

Richard Vitters

Dean: Really appreciate your daily photo/journal stories every day. Thanks. Cheers to you. Richard

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