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December 02, 2009


Dean Jacobs

Hi Josh,
Thank you for the post on my blog! There is a whole world waiting to be explored, good luck in your adventures!

Josh Schaefer

I am a Norris student, I really liked your talk you gave to us today. You asked us to tell you what our dream are. My dream is to travel the world just like you did.

Nicolle Kimes

I really liked the empty swing one. I'm not quite sure why but it just caught my eye more than any of the other ones although they are all amazing. You're photography is extremely good. I also really enjoyed the presentations you've done for FMS. Thank you!

devin hoge

HI JESUS your presintation was good because i liked the 3,000 year old knife was cool. and the ropes from mount everest. i thought that was cool.

Dustin Goeken

It was good... I liked how you showed everyone your adventures and the souvenirs!!! They were all awesome and it was pretty cool you went to all those places!!!

Deana gast

Wow, amazing eye! Thank you for sharing!


I like the garden hose because I love green and it reminds me of cowboys/girls, and the tub in the back is earthy and sexy.
I love the long shadows - barns, trees, shadows make me happy:)
Brown leaves coming into focus out of the blue is a nice contrast
And finally, the borderline photo brings up a lot - division, protection,
Great shoot my friend. The most simple can be beautiful and invite

Sharon Pedersen

They are all neat == But my favorites are Border Line #1 and Long Shadows #2 . Sharon


Long shadows, borderline, and dry well are my favs cuz of memories they rouse... and garden hose too cuz of the times of climbing a fence just like that to end up in some kind of mischief... fun memories, thanks!!! The ranch looks like a wonderful place for personal renewal.

*lizzie starr

Always a sucker for anything with the moon ;) Had a lovely chuckle over the bathtub, but faves would probably be long shadows and border line. Working on a story with a setting similar to the pics, so a big thank you for some inspiration.

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