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March 30, 2009


Dean Jacobs

Hi Emma,
Thank you for the post on my blog and for the kind words. I did find several baby gorillas, some only a month old! They were very cute and tiny and hairy!
I go to Africa because it is a place filled with interesting things and wonderful people.
Different gorillas live in different places, these gorillas live on the volcano because it’s where they can find lots of food.
I hope to come to your school in the fall.
I am glad you like the picture, hang it in a special place!
We are all brave Emma, it just shows up in different ways for each of us.
Do you want to go to Africa one day?


Dear Mr. Dean,
I'm Emma.I'm in first grade. I looked on your website. I learned that most gorillas live on the volcano. Your website is cool.I am happy to write you a note. I want you to know, did you find any baby gorillas? What were they like? Why are you going to Africa? Why do the gorillas live on the volcano? Can you come in our classroom? Ms. Tharp gave me a picture of a mother and baby gorilla that you took. It is really cool. I like the baby gorilla because it has a green leaf on top and it looks like green hair. Thanks for the picture!

You are brave,

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