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June 23, 2008


Dean Jacobs

Hi Marlo,
It's not so fun sometimes to have to wait for the bus, but what I have learned is, it's all a part of the journey. And if you keep your mind and heart open, some magical things can happen along the way.

Well, good questions.
1. I would have all kinds of feelings going on if they wouldn't let me on the bus. I would wonder why first. Then depending on the answer, a mix of emotions could come flowing. One might be relief, because one possibility could be a better bus was coming and they were being kind to me and saving me a seat on that one. Or, I might be hurt or mad if they had singled me out for some specific reason that wasn't nice or fair.

2. I wasn't sure why people got off the bus, I guessed it was presumed safer in case the bridge fell down.

3. The Geep is a river that runs through Ethiopia.
4. The bus broke down five times because they are old, and Ethiopia is a poor country that doesn't have lots of money to buy new buses.
5. I might have lost my ticket once, but they just waved me off like it was no big deal. That might have been because I was a guest in their country and they wanted to treat me nice.
6. Monkeys can be fun, and sometimes not so much fun. I've seen them attack people and steel the food they had in their hands. What do you think it would be like if a monkey came up to you and took your food?

Good questions Marlo!




Dear Dean,

It's Marlo again! I'm going into 4th grade. Dean, the podcast I watched was Gambella Bus Ride. The funny part of the podcast was when the bus broke down 5 times. I connected when some people could not go on the buses because when I went to the Renaissance Festival it was raining and I was waiting for a long time for a bus. So now I have some questions. My first question is, how would you feel if you could not go on the bus and you saw other people going on? Why do people have to get off the bus to cross the bridge? Then, what's the Geep River? (I'm not sure if that's what you called it.) Why did the bus break down five times? And did you ever lose ticket? Finaly, do you like monkeys? Hope those monkeys didn't attack you.

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