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December 17, 2007


Dean Jacobs

Hey Rudy!
Great to hear from you! Yes, we must find a way to get together when I come home. Please give my best to Jules and the family!

Have a amazing 2008 my friend,



Dean Jacobs

Hi Gail!
So good to hear from you guys in Ethiopia! I wish a wonderful holiday season for you and your beautiful family. And yes, I will return to Ethiopia one day and we will spend time laughing and enjoying good company.



Dean Jacobs

Hi Kathryn,

Thanks for the blog post. Yes, I agree with you, if more people would travel the world would be a different place. And you hit it on the nose, I have a huge sense of fulfillment and gratitude, all wrapped up with a deep peace.

All the best, so happy to have you along for the journey!



Kathryn Hatcher

I really enjoy seeing your podcasts, and the narration is perfect. I became emotional as I watched you converse with the locals and the way you were treated. I wish more people could see what you have the opportunity to do, because it would change their perception of other parts of the world.

Dean you have a new fan. I love what you are doing it must be so fulfilling.

Kathryn in OKC
"wishing I was carrying your bags"

Gail & Zelalem Amare

Dean, It's great to hear you've made it to Mongolia! We think of you often and we talk about you with the kids. We hope you make it back to Ethiopia someday soon! Happy Holy Days!


Deanis, the largest " explorer__. My apologies for not keeping in touch. Sounds like you're off on another adventure. I just caught up on your latest exploits. I really admire the way you've been able to live your dream. I still remember Seattle and playing pool at that Drudge Bar. You got me hooked on Vanilla Latte's that trip. Jules and I would love to see when you get back to good ole Nebraska. It is just as cold here, so we're suffering along with you.

If you don't get this before Christmas, Merry Christmas and God Bless!

YITB #192


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