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November 12, 2007


Dean Jacobs

Hey Peter,
Good to hear from you. Yeah, I miss Tess too! It was good for me to get my dog fix for a couple of weeks, thanks.

All went well in Russia, including the most tense part, leaving.

You are going to find it to be a very interesting place to explore when you go!

All the best to you and the family!
Cheers from Mongolia and Happy Holidays!


Laura Bruening

WOW! Absolutely stunning! You are so lucky.

foster  houts

where are you going next? I would like to find out.


Peter Dahlerup

Hi Dean

Hope everything is going ok in Russia. I told you it was going to be cold in Russia this time a year, you just have to find ways to stay warm.

The dog cried for two full days after you left Denmark, Chris was about to send the dog to Russia to join you.

We will be looking forward to hearing from you again.

Happy hollidays.


Dean Jacobs

Thanks for the web address, I will take a peek to see how they are doing.

How are you and where are you these days?



Dean Jacobs

Hi Bridget,

The photo is inside a church in Saint Petersburg. It's now a museum. Yes, it is very beautiful!



Dean Jacobs

Hi Eileen!
I will be coming back to Russia one day, it is just to big for one visit!


Dean Jacobs

Hey Nancy,
The Cannon is fine; my opinion always has been it is like cutting fine hairs when it comes to the higher end cameras.
But, thanks, it always nice to hear some positive feedback from a fellow photographer!
All is good here; I am winding down my days in Russia and soon will be on my way to Mongolia. People keep telling me it’s going to be really cold there, well, not much I can do about that except put on more long underwear! ☺

I hope all is good back home.


Dean Jacobs

Hi Foster,

Thanks for the post on my blog site, and the kind words you wrote. I’m happy you are taking this journey with me via the Internet. It’s true; I am seeing all kinds of cool things, and experiencing some wonderful moments!



Foster  Houts

I just seeing the cool suff you are up to this day. Is it cool to see all the suff you see .

Foster Houts


Hi Dean, Keep warm indeed! On the train I took in Kazakstan between Pavlodar & Astana the blankets they furnished were truly warm wool and did the job so long as you kept your feet inside. We chose four bunks over the cheaper six bunk roomette. It's easy to get acqauinted once everyone sorts out their storage spots and settles in. I look forward to your next posting.
By the way, Sholpan is in Pavlodar and would welcome you there if it's on your way back... Kazakhstan is a great country with more wide open spaces, steppes.



hey Dean, I forgot to say to check out Richies blog ( the guy in the couple on the enfield, sash has gone home for studying). He has been putting his bike on some small boats...


tarar for now

Nancy Wilson

Dean !! These pictures are beautiful !! I'm thinking of trading my Canon digital for your Nikon....they are awesome. Can't wait to hear about the Russia/Moscow trip. Stay warm...:)



What building are you inside on the second picture? It lookes absolutely beautiful! Have you picked up any Russian yet?

Your Nebraskan Friend,

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