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April 16, 2007


Mesfin Demilew

Dear Dean,
You are really a very prudent traveller and the information together with the photos posted on your website regarding your travel in Ethiopia are educative and useful to anyone that wants to travel across Ethiopia.i wish you good luck with your travel in the rest of the world.
Mesfin from Ethiopia

Liz Palms

Hey Dean just thought i would wish you luck on your journey. i hope to see you again at Fremont Middle School!!!!

Jake Franke & Zach Ewing from fremont middle school

sup dean we wish u the best of luck and hope that u can find an actual toilet that works. Hope you have fun on ur trip and hope you don't get sick again. well cya later dean hope you have a great time were ever you go next! later dude... METAL FOREVER!!!! write us back sometime when you get the chance!

Rosario gonzalez

Hi Dean this is a Fremont Middle School student. My name is Rosario and I wish you the best of luck on your trip. I hope you are having the best time. You take really good pictures of animals and other stuff. Well thats all i had to say. GOOD LUCK!

shailynn davenport

ah! he is so cute u r so lucky to be able to travel all over the world i wish i could do that i hope u r having alot of fun!
shailynn from the fremont middle school

nathan hancock

HI, I am nathan hancock at the fremont middle school in nebraska. You came and talked to us is december. Well im just saying hi. I wish you luck on your journey. Bye!

Tom Roff

The students on team 7A at Fremont Middle School are enjoying the journey! The timing couldn't be better, as we're currently studying Africa! God bless your journey and best of luck!

Barbara Schroeder

Just got back to checking on your travels. I will continue to follow your journey and wish I could experience the wonderful world that is unfolding before you. Best wishes for good health and peaceful days.
Barb S.

Carol and Joe Szczepaniak

Greetings Dean:
You certainly have so many supporters all around the world, and so many new friends to make in the future! You are quite an encourager, and we wish you safe journey as you cross paths with many more who are in need of your encouragement. Thank you for your postings, as they make us feel as if we are there as well.
From your new friends(through Drs. Tom & Evelyn), Joe and Carol

john herkner

Dean: Nice to see you're traveling again. Rod forwarded on your blog site, Karine and I will 'travel along' with you.
Be safe!


Hi Dean,
Greetings from the fifth graders at Highland Elementary. Ms. Tharp-Lumley has led us through your website and shared with us information on Ethiopia. We enjoyed hearing about your experiences in Addis. Good luck with your search!
Ms. Lowry's Fifth Grade Class


Dean, SI SI SI..
I love reading all your stories...hope you feel better soon..and yes what you are doing is quite beautiful, you are touching people's heart whatever you go
a big hug


Hi Dean!
I liked very much the photograph of the cathedral in Germany! It reminded me on my German grandparents and it gave me a longing to visit the country where my ancestors came from and I have never visited.
I wish you a safe and fulfilling stay in Ethiopia. Visiting the Fugnido and Bonga refugee camps has changed many lives. I know it must be heartbreaking, but I know you will return with many teachings for us.
Take care,

andrew dellava

Hi Dean!

Read your account as I was sipping on a very fine cup of coffee this morning and had to smile about your coffee story.

All is well in Raleigh, NC, USA. All the best to you!

Nancy Wilson

Congratulations on attaining your special paper!! And as for the fresh ground coffee, I'm dying to taste it ...I think I'll make me a pot of coffee.

I hope you feel better, and your sickness passes quickly.

Take Care.

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