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September 03, 2006



i luved ur visit to FMS!!! it was sooo kewl to see u again! i someday hope to travel around the world. u really inspired me

Taylor Sankey

Hi Dean!
I was wandering if you could send me a picture of your visit back to the beach with the penguins?Also,the last e-mail you sent me I printed out and showed my whole class,and they were really suprised to hear that you were going back to Africa!You are aficialy now my compete Idol!You are so awesome!!!!!!!

Taylor Sankey

I really enjoyed your visit to morton elemantary,the pictures were so beuatiful,i couldn't believe you actually did all those things!
Also,snake blood?I cant believe you actually drank snake blood that is so amazing!!!

Dean Jacobs

Thanks Carolyn, I'm happy to hear you got the itch to go.

I would encourage you to pick up the Lonely Planet travel guide for Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. It will have a list of suggested travel agencies and how reliable they are. Good for you. Find out when the high season is, and try to avoid it by going a little early or later.

Carolyn Hall

I just finished your book following your visit to Bassett, NE. This has really given me the urge to see the Gallapagos Islands so I will be watching for a budget trip which I can take. Anyone have any suggestions???

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