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Dean Jacobs was born in Wahoo Nebraska. After living on a farm, his family moved to Fremont Nebraska when he was five. Growing up in the Midwest gave him an appreciation for the simple things in life. He graduated from Wayne State College earning a degree in Biology, with minors in Earth Science and Art. After graduating he worked in the administration of Wayne State College as the Assistant to the President, before moving on to Purina Mills. Eventually this path led him to Pfizer Pharmaceuticals where he was employed in sales/marketing for 10 years. After a great deal of soul searching Dean left the security of corporate America, and decided to pursue other dreams. This was the beginning of a process that would lead to a traveling adventure that would span twenty-two and half months and cover twenty-eight countries. Taking photos became a natural expression of the journey for Dean as he documented and verified the common ground of our humanity. To Dean, photography is a discovery process where something extraordinary can be found within the confines of ordinary life.

"I am far more interested in real things, real experiences and real people then sitting at home watching fantasies on a television screen. I take photos of what I am drawn to: it may be a small child, a landscape or some world treasure that has been photographed millions of times. Initially, I take the photograph first for myself, with the larger intention of capturing a moment in life, a moment that has touched me in some profound way. However, it is my hope that others will also be touched as well in some small way when viewing my photography. It brings me great pleasure to share what I see. A moment is gone forever except for that crazy attempt to capture it on a negative and keep it preserved like a genie in a bottle for all time. But as insane as it is, I love doing it, over and over. I look at my photos and instantly I am taken to that place, the smell of the air, the feel of the hard ground, the taste of strange foods, the smile of a friendly face. With all of our amazing cultures in life, I have concluded we are far more alike then different. The intention of my photos is to focus on what is similar between you and me, and honoring the differences through acceptance. Then our world expands, creating more possibilities and more love. I offer my photos and my story as a gift, to move life forward in a simple and pure way."