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September 04, 2011


Dean Jacobs

Hi Rex,

I'm happy to share my stuff with you. Appreciate the photo credit and if you could include I link to my website, that would be awesome. I just published an animal book for children, and can use all the help I can get to spread the word.

Also, if you ever want a larger file size on the photos to make a print to use as a fund raiser, I'm open to supporting your organization that way.


Rex L. Salmon

Thanks Dean for the photo of Huskers carrying Old Glory out of tunnel.
I just found out that it came from a former Husker player who carried it with him in Afghanistan.
I want to add it to www.sd4ne.com -- San Diegans 4 Nebraska website -- and tell the story.
You have some choice photos -- take it from a former photo editor at the San Diego Tribune for 10 years. you'll get photo credit. We're a non-profit group, but a large group with about 860 on our email list and attendance at website between 200-250 regularly. We had 335 at PPV game last season.

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